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In this post you will find a link to a video in which Miss Margarita and Paco are going to talk about musical instruments. In each of the videos the characters repeat the words in Spanish several times and they are associated with a series of pictures together with the written word. At the end of the video, they will have to answer three questions to reinforce the Spanish words they have learned.

I am a Spanish teacher with many years of experience and I firmly believe that the language learning process doesn’t have to be hard and difficult. When I was a girl and I started to learn English, and it was extremely hard for me. That is why I created this web. As a foreign language teacher, I am sure that your kids will learn and speak Spanish in an easy and fun way.

Maybe you are wondering right now why your kids should learn a foreign language. There are many benefits of being bilingual. Kids are like sponges and they are able to learn quickly if the atmosphere and the materials are the right ones.

Kids that are exposed to more than one language have a better attention skills. Speaking a foreign language has an impact on the brain because it has cognitive effects. Speaking another language will benefit them for their future career as well and bilingual children are more open minded.

Learning a third language will be easier for them too because languages skills are really reinforced in bilingual kids. That’s why we encourage kids to learn a foreign language. We are completely sure that with our Spanish learning methodology, your kids will enjoy their learning process.

Either you’re a Spanish teacher looking for material for your classes or a parent who wants your kids to learn Spanish, you’re in the right place.

All our products follow the methodology of neuroeducation. This consists in awakening the curiosity of the kids so that they want to discover more and to go further. In each of the sections of our website, you will find a sample of the songs, videos, interactive stories and worksheets.

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¡Hasta luego!

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